Metrics for Nginx

Luameter is a Lua module for Nginx that provide key performance metrics for monitoring Nginx in real time.

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If you don't measure it, you can't optimize it.

Luameter is a Lua module for Nginx that records and provides key status and performance metrics, right from within Nginx and in real-time.
Ever wonder what's happening with your web server? With Luameter, you can answer easily:
  • Which part of your website is slow, is it the HTML or the images?
  • Are these 404s from your static resources serving or your API?
  • What is the serving time for 95% of your users?
And so many more from a simple JSON API interface that can be easily integrated with other live dashboards and monitoring tools.

Awesome dashboard included

Luameter includes a detailed status page to observe your web server performance in real-time, without having to install or maintain any external monitoring system. Perfect for a quick and simple glance on how your Nginx is doing right now.

Relevant Metrics

Total requests, number of each response codes, in and out traffic, moving average rate, latency quantiles, cache hit and miss, and more. Now it is much easier to understand the status and performance of your web server.

Relevant Time

Luameter records the data right after handling the request to provides its metrics in real-time. Now you don't have to wait for all the logs writing, reading and parsing or worry about receiving an alert too late when your website is failing.

Easy Integration

Luameter provides a simple JSON API to query its metrics so you can easily connect these stats to your monitoring system or live dashboard. A live status page is included as well so you can start monitor your web server without any external system.

It's all JSON

Luameter exposes all the metrics as JSON endpoints for simple integration to any monitoring system. The included dashboard is just a static HTML page that consumes Luameter's JSON API.

Simple Setup

One zip file to download and four lines of additional Nginx config to start understanding your web server status and performance. Here's the Getting Started guide.

Flexible Configuration

With Luameter you can records separated metrics based on any Nginx variables. So you can differentiate the performance between virtual hosts, or separate your API calls from static files requests, or compare the latency of your Tomcat backend with your Flask backend. The possibilities are endless.

Robust and Fast

Luameter code only run after your requests are processed and thus will never affect the correctness of your web server. And thanks to the rock solid Lua Nginx module, it can handle thousands of request per second with just about 1ms overhead and 1MB of additional memory usage. See benchmark.

Let's make better, data-driven decisions with Luameter.


  • Compiled Lua module
  • One organization
  • Any number of servers
  • Email support

Luameter Source Code

  • Original Lua source code
  • One organization
  • Any number of servers
  • Email support

Email support available at [email protected].