List of metrics available with Luameter's API

General Status

Version of the Nginx server
Version of the Nginx Lua module
Version of Luameter
Current Unix timestamp of the server
Current uptime of the Nginx server

Connections status

These metrics are taken from the stub_status module of Nginx.

Current number of active client connections including Waiting connections.
Current number of connections where nginx is reading the request header.
Current number of connections where nginx is writing the response back to the client.
Current number of idle client connections waiting for a request.

Zone and Upstream metrics

For each configured server zone and upstream address, the following metrics are available.
Total number of client requests processed.
Total number of responses and break down by each status code.
Also group status code by its class as 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx
Total number of bytes received from clients.
Total number of bytes sent to clients.
Average request rate over current server lifetime and the one, five, and fifteen minutes exponentially-weighted moving average of request rate. These moving averages are similar to the load averages in uptime or top.
A snapshot of sampled requests processing time which is representative of (roughly) the last five minutes of data. It provides the min, max, mean, median as well as the 75th, 90th, 95th and 99th percentile at 99.9% confidence level with a 5% margin of error assuming a normal distribution.

This is the only sample based metrics of Luameter and it's using a similar algorithm to a Histogram with Exponentially Decaying Reservoirs in use by Dropwizard's Metrics library.

  • hit total number of cache hit in this zone
  • miss total number of cache miss in this zone
  • bypass total number of cache bypass in this zone
  • expired total number of cache expired in this zone
  • stale total number of cache stale in this zone
  • updating total number of cache updating in this zone
  • revalidating total number of cache revalidating in this zone